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“Revitalizing” Workshop Pranayama

Come and join us for a

“Revitalizing” Workshop Pranayama 

with Hans Garuda Chaitanya

When: on Sunday 23.06.2019 

From 9:30 – 15:00

Where: Yoga Hill

At the occasion of the IYD (International Yoga Day) a “revitalizing” workshop  will be organized at Yoga Hill in the fresh mountain air of Rudartsi (900 meters altitude), rediscovering the importance of Pranayama, a key component  of Yoga.

Prana is the life force that sustains not only the body, but all life and creation.
And Pranayama are techniques that raise the level of Prana by working with the breath.
Though most people do not breathe correctly, and though breathing is the most vital process of the body, the purpose of Pranayama is not just how to re-learn to breathe correctly, or even to breathe better, but how to awaken and raise the Prana and levels of energy in the body and mind. In this way Pranayama is a process of revitalization and energization, allowing to increase one’s level of vital energy, to reduce stress and negativities, to be more relaxed, in a good mood and smiling.

In Pranayama one learns how to tune in with the rhythm of the breath and how to reduce the breathing.  As the breath has a direct influence on the mind one learns how to increase control over the mind using the breath, following the principle “So the breath, so the mind”: when the breathing is disturbed, the mind also becomes disturbed. And when the breath is calm, the mind also becomes calm. And it is easier to control the breath than to control the mindJ.

In Yoga it is said that life is the period between one breath and the next: and he who only half breathes, only half lives.

In order to increase the quality and experience of life, it is equally important to learn ways how to generate Prana, how to conserve Prana, and also ways how not to lose Prana.

A practice of “Prana Nidra” will be included which is similar to Yoga Nidra but focused on developing pranic sensitivity, and harmonizing and balancing the pranas.

This revitalizing workshop will have a combination of theory and practice sessions on Asana, Prana & Pranayama, a Prana Nidra as well as a Prana Meditation session, including a “fresh air” tea break and a vegetarian lunch based on ashram principles. 

In order to have most benefit, it will be useful to have practiced some Hatha Yoga regularly.

Practicing Neti before coming (if possible) will also help for the nostrils to be flowing freely.

For hygienic reasons it is recommended to bring your own Yoga mat.
This workshop will be in English, without translation.

More about Hans - Garuda Chaitanya : http://yogainside.info/инструктори/english-hans-garuda/

Contribution: 44 lv. includes lunch and tea.

Please, confirm your participation on e-mail: temsta@abv.bg

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